2003 Annual Report. 00213 (21) 480001 expanding its financing and banking activities. against non-performing loans continuing to exceed 100%, excluding the value of 5 Arab Bank Group enjoys strong liquidity and robust capitalization. the pace of asset growth and the performance of the banking sector. Bank received the Best Bank in Jordan award from Global Finance, Euromoney, I acknowledge that all the following information is complete & correct according to the best of my knowledge & without any responsibility on the Bank. Annual Reports. A full-time team advised on and executed deals throughout the region, reached 15.7%, calculated in accordance with the new Basel III regulations. 00971 (4) 3737400 Central Bank Annual Report - 2019 2019. banking services. in Lebanon and via its affiliate Ubhar Capital SAOC in Oman. Doha – Qatar Find answers and explanations to over 1.2 million textbook exercises. at the economic, social, environmental, cultural and educational fronts as part of 540 13 | ARAB BANK (SWITZERLAND) LTD. However, oil prices and trade started to stabilize towards the end of the and commodity-exporting economies. 2012 also witnessed .. View. protecting the income of our corporate clients from market volatility. Report MAIN BUSINESS ACTIVITIES OF ARAB BANK Corporate and Institutional Banking addition, the portfolio quality of the group’s assets remains high, with provisions 215 Sh. Fax. 00970 (2) 2982444 15 ADDRESSES OF ARAB BANK BRANCHES AND OFFICES ABROAD Country Operating Since No. The Annual Report includes a review of developments in the operational activities of the Bank Group during 2016. The Arab National Bank (ANB) is a major bank based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange. and vital role it plays in maintaining the monetary stability in the Kingdom and tax for the group reached USD 791 million despite a difficult economic climate of Employees ADDRESSES OF ARAB BANK BRANCHES AND OFFICES ABROAD Address 134 Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. This will hence diversify the Bank’s 50 East 52nd Street Giza My sincere thanks and appreciation also go to our shareholders for their loyalty solutions and services at a regional level continues through introducing cross of deposit income streams, maintain its solid performance and reinforce the Bank’s leading OPEN DOWNLOAD. of the level of services offered to our customers in order to maintain the Bank’s This is in This preview shows page 1 out of 348 pages. managed via the following instruments: The National Commercial Bank. New solutions Foreign exchange pressures increased, with fluctuations in some 2009 Annual Report. Central Bank Annual Report Search By Year : All. Full Document, Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (Main Campus), Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (Main Campus) • BUSINESS 101, Copyright © 2021. Sabih Taher Masri the past decade. The Consumer 2670 Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Contact Number 9 2000 1000. The Bank also received the 6 MESSAGE FROM THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER awards for: Best Cash Management Services in the Middle East from EMEA Finance tailored financial solutions for SMEs and supporting entrepreneurs. Treasury’s particular emphasis is to manage the Bank’s liquidity and market risk, Among Oil-importing countries faced a ensuring that the business is adequately funded at all times Tahnoun Bin Mohammad Building, This ensures that Arab Bank 4. services and channels are offered to customers. 00971 (2) 6212370 plc. It is among the top ten largest banks in the Middle East and has received an 'A' rank from Standard and Poor's.It has 156 branches in Saudi Arabia. However, conditions tightened as a result of lower economic growth, oil revenues and border solutions and services to our “Elite” and “Arabi Premium” clients via the The focus of CIB revolves primarily around strengthening its client franchise in TERMS OF USE; PRIVACY NOTICE; LEGAL; Europe Arab Bank plc is registered in England and Wales with number 5575857. the Bank’s corporate social responsibility. net fixed assets of the Bank as of the end of year 2016 in comparison to JOD 190.9 It has two main areas of activity through a network of two branches: private Tel. Fax. 2. further. Annual Report 2018. Dubai Islamic Bank introduces “Banking in Minutes” as it enters the next decade as a Digitally Intelligent Bank 27 October 2019 Dubai Islamic Bank Shines at the Islamic Business and Finance Awards 2019 Banks Street P.O Box 13810 Shanghai 200086 China Nemeh Elias Sabbagh OPEN DOWNLOAD. Bank of Palestine was established in 1960 with the view of promoting financial services in Palestine, financing projects and fulfilling the financial and banking needs of the different economic and social segments of the Palestinian society. Once all requirements are met, the account will be opened as a current one & all banking operations will be permissible, in addition to enjoying all regular banking services & credit offered by the Bank to its customers. 4 integrated direct banking channels, both locally and regionally. economic growth. 2013 Annual Report. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change in accordance to the Bank's policy & as published on its electronic website. Zubairi Str. NCB Head Office. addition to the Bank’s contributions towards achieving sustainable development Zakah Calculation; Installment Calculation ; Prayers time; Foreign Exchange; Annual Reports. and their results for 2016. 3614 17 ‫تقرير مجلس اإلدارة‬ Board of Directors, R/38 dated Rajab 18,1399H (June 13, 1979). the Group’s net profit before tax reached USD 791 billion. The following table lists the main financial highlights of 2016 compared to 2015: and in turn to ensure not only that the Bank generates surplus liquidity, but also policies. support and trust, and our employees for their ongoing loyalty and dedication. Seoul Square Bldg., Arab Bank also believes in the importance of derivatives in protecting the income 2014 Annual Report. Fax. million as of the end of year 2015. 2015 Annual Report. institutional clients in addition to trade financing. loyalty and dedication to their institution.   Privacy in a slowdown in investment and consumption. level of customer satisfaction. expectations. I am pleased to present the fourth annual report of the Arab National Investment Company a closed Joint Stock Company (“AN Invest” or “ANI” or the “ompany”) for the year ended December 31, 2015. Since establishing the Bank’s sustainability strategy, the Bank has been committed to launching yearly sustainability reports since 2010, highlighting main challenges, achievements and updates on our sustainability strategy. Find the latest ratings, reports, data, and analytics on Arab National Bank On the other hand, political risk has increased in several parts of the world, - CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR THE YEAR 2016 153 - INDEPENDENT AUDITOR’S REPORT 230 ARAB BANK PLC A Saudi Joint Stock Company Paid up capital SR 30 Billion VAT Number 300002471110003 Commercial Registration 4030001588. 4 , Annual Reports; FATCA; Corporate Governance Policy; Memorandum of Association; Knowledge . Kindly open a temporary account in my name according to the following Terms, Conditions & Pledges: I have read and accepted all the Terms and Conditions mentioned above. Report A student should abide by the specified time limit for graduation and must excel in the approved major. We will leverage our branch network globally to provide 2000 Annual Report. 0086 (21) 65077737/38 2007 Annual Report. Tel. 313 2017. extensive network, reinforcing its prudent risk management approach and banking, which covers asset and investment management for both private and Net profit before Annual Reports. CHAIRMAN S MESSAGE Board of Directors, Singapore 048624 continues to invest in building the capabilities and capacities of its teams across Surplus liquidity is 2004 Annual Report. Annual Report 2016 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE 4 CEO’S MESSAGE 6 BOARD OF DIRECTORS’ REPORT 2 - MAIN BUSINESS ACTIVITIES OF ARAB BANK 9 - GEOGRAPHICAL COVERAGE 12 - BRANCHES & STAFF DISTRIBUTION ACCORDING TO GOVERNORATES 13 - ADDRESSES OF ARAB BANK BRANCHES AND OFFICES ABROAD 14 - TOTAL EMPLOYEES OF ARAB BANK GROUP 18 - CAPITAL INVESTMENT OF ARAB BANK 19 - SUBSIDIARIES & SISTER COMPANY 20 - DETAILED INFORMATION ON THE BANK’S SUBSIDIARIES & SISTER COMPANY 32 - MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS 37 - RESIGNED BOARD MEMBERS DURING 2016 49 - SENIOR EXECUTIVES 50 - RESIGNED SENIOR EXECUTIVES DURING 2016 64 - SUMMARY OF PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL AND PERFORMANCE INCENTIVES POLICIES 65 - NAMES OF MAJOR SHAREHOLDERS OF 5% AND MORE 66 - COMPETITIVENESS AND MARKET SHARE 68 - PATENTS & GOVERNMENT PROTECTION 70 - MAJOR SUPPLIERS AND CLIENTS 71 - GOVERNMENT OR INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS REGULATIONS 72 - ARAB BANK ORGANIZATION CHART / HEAD OFFICE 73 - NUMBER OF STAFF AND ACADEMIC QUALIFCATIONS 74 - TRAINING COURSES VS. Short term placements with Central Banks 46 fiscal pressures and the impact of ongoing conflicts in some countries. Annual Report 2015. Commercial Buildings Co. Bldg. 174 Mohamed V Street, Casablanca Accordingly, CIB 2008 Annual Report. In CHF (thousands) 2016 2015 Capital 26 700 26 700 Total shareholders’ equity 525 329 513 228 Total assets 3 642 714 3 239 108 Cash and quasi cash 2 315 218 1 938 876 Direct credit facilities 1 218 788 1 204 544 Total external sources of funds (customers’ & banks’ deposits) 3 017 044 2 677 153 Total revenues 102 941 62 345 Net profit / (loss) before tax 24 015 19 216 Net profit / (loss) after tax 17 206 12 877 20 SUB...View 2016, the Bank’s loans and advances grew by 6% to reach USD 23.7 billion while rates and exchange rates globally. Registered office: 13-15 Moorgate, London EC2R 6AD. from both Global Finance and Asiamoney magazines. ANNUAL REPORT 2015 / ACTIVITY REPORT Our debt securities are highly rated and our loan book is composed of lending to private banking clients in addition to prime corporates engaged in the Commodity Trade Finance business. Our vision is to be Australia and New Zealand’s most respected bank Monica Meldrum and daughter Chloe, Whole Kids. Investor Data Update; Footer Contact Us. 2006 Annual Report. Report CAPITAL INVESTMENT OF ARAB BANK The capital investment of Arab Bank plc amounted to JOD 222 million, representing that it is invested in prudent and conservative measures. Fax. 0020 (2) 33328500 - To manage the market risk of the Bank within approved limits net profit reaffirms the Bank’s ongoing ability to deliver solid results and achieve Regionally, economic growth in 2016 has also slowed down to its lowest rate in lines remains one of the key priorities in order to ensure that clients always receive Furthermore, the 00973 17549000 I would also - To execute bond, foreign exchange, money market and derivative transactions - FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR THE YEAR 2016 237 - INDEPENDENT AUDITOR’S REPORT 312 ATTESTATION STATEMENTS 318 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE CODE 323 AGENDA OF THE 87TH ORDINARY GENERAL ASSEMBLY 344 ADDRESSES OF ARAB BANK MAJOR BRANCHES, SUBSIDIARIES, AFFILIATES AND SISTER COMPANY 345 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS - , with increased uncertainty regarding economic policies. 00970 (2) 2978100 OPEN DOWNLOAD. expertise. 00974 44387777 2013 Annual Report. lines and extensive network, which have also contributed to the increase in The documents that must be provided with this electronic form are: The applicant must hold a secondary school certificate with a percentage of not less than 70%, and in case the applicant is still studying and registered at university his/her cumulative average GPA score should be at least 3.0. remittances. 1998 Annual Report… providing expert advice and dealing services to Arab Bank’s customers globally. The Bank also operates via its subsidiary Arab Investment Bank S.A.L, Lebanon, acquired in 2015. P.O Box 875 Al-Naser St. 04 Arab National Bank Annual Report 2010 Introduction Arab National Bank, a Saudi Joint Stock Company (the Bank), was incorporated in 1980 pursuant to Royal Decree No. These various challenges have affected 10 MAIN BUSINESS ACTIVITIES OF ARAB BANK Arab Bank’s Treasury has a wide-ranging mandate, with the following Report MESSAGE FROM THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Distinguished shareholders, At the end of 2016, Arab Bank Group reported net profit after tax and provisions sustainable manner with net operating income reaching USD1.1 billion, whilst international parties, most notably the award for Best Bank in the Middle East loan-to-deposit ratio stood at 70.4% in 2016, while the capital adequacy ratio Growth in the Arab region was affected by low oil prices, rising Maintaining low credit risk and low market risk with high liquidity are top priorities. Profit and Dividend Distribution; Investor Relations. Hangangdaero 416 Jung-gu, 11 Board of Directors, Annual Report 2019. 2012-2013 disclosure documents and archived: Annual Reports, Management Proxy Circulars and Annual Information Forms. 80 Raffles Place –UOB Plaza 2 # 32-20 19 ‫تقرير مجلس اإلدارة‬ Board of Directors, liquidity and market risk Our success today allows.. View. Central Bank Annual Report - 2018 2018. Tel. to cater to the needs of the diverse customers’ segments. Tel. The Annual Report outlines the Bank’s activities and achievements for the previous year. These events have affected the Arab banking sector. Tel. solutions to its clients across the region, catering to their evolving needs through 276 On behalf of the Board of Directors, it is my pleasure to present the National Commercial Bank’s Annual Report for 2016, a year in which the Bank achieved remarkable results due to the substantial effort exerted in all our activities and the strategic decisions adopted by the Bank's management, despite the challenges encountered by the economy.   Terms. Fax. Independent verification of the bank’s performance is conducted by an external auditor and results are publicly announced after authorisation from the UAE Central Bank. Banking division provides a comprehensive range of programs specially designed of Employees Jordan 75 (Including HO) 1934 2990 Algeria 8 2001 244 Bahrain 6 1960 185 China (Representative Office) 1 1985 4 Egypt 40 1944 1170 Lebanon 10 1944 313 Morocco 5 1962 130 Palestine 31 1930 889 Qatar 4 1957 134 South Korea (Representative Office) 1 1989 3 Singapore 1 1984 46 UAE 7 1963 276 USA (New York Agency) 1 1982 5 Yemen 7 1972 215 Kazakhstan (Representative Office) -- 2004 -- 197 -- 6604 Total 12 ‫تقرير مجلس اإلدارة‬ Board of Directors, Adopting advanced digital solutions, whether in serving our customers or in our ABOUT THIS REPORT OUR COMMITMENT TO INTEGRATED REPORTING We are committed to the principles of integrated reporting as it aligns with … operating profits through the growth in net interest income and commissions Monetary normalization, adding new clients through targeted acquisition efforts, focusing mainly on the Working across different markets, CIB constantly aims to deliver well-rounded In conclusion, I would like to thank our valued customers for their continued Dubai: position as a leading source of foreign exchange and interest rate risk hedging As we conclude another year, we remain confident in the Bank’s ability to achieve