They required the information to be sent as soon as possible. (= He was surprised because he saw me.). My job requires me to handle many letters from abroad. If you mean where the preposition phrase 'to Italy in 2015' should go, you've put it in the best position. To + verb is called an infinitive. We don't normally use a negative infinitive of purpose. LearnEnglish Subscription: self-access courses for professionals, Nuro replied on 4 January, 2021 - 16:37 Azerbaijan. Hello. It is possible to use just + to + infinitive with negative forms. Monster Dash. It is formed with to + base form of the verb. Tourists could see. The whole phrase together is acting as a noun (the direct object of love), but you may have noticed that in lakes is an adverbial prepositional phrase.It is telling us where you like to swim.. a verb form found in many languages that functions as a noun or is used with auxiliary verbs, and that names the action or state without specifying the subject, as French venir “to come,” Latin esse “to be,” fuisse “to have been.” Other interesting lessons and exercises: ... 4. Putting the phrase here also makes it clear that the better job was in Italy. The to-infinitive with adverbs. The forms and functions of the Infinitive: free exercises and answers to check your result. We often use it + be followed by an adjective to give opinions: It's easy to play the piano, but it's very difficult to play well. An infinitive is the most basic form of a verb. Contrast with the zero infinitive (live, love, learn). (It should be cut.) I want to sit on the other chair. I planned to go to some real Italian restaurants. The Bare Infinitive. The pattern is that too and enough are placed before or after the adjective, adverb, or noun that they modify in the same way they would be without the to-infinitive. I'm ready to go to bed. Need, require and want can be followed by the active or passive to -infinitives to express active or passive meanings, respectively: I need to make a phone call. It is easy for you to criticise other people. He left early not just to be sure he would be on time (but also because he wanted to stop for a coffee on the way). Kirk replied on 4 January, 2021 - 17:07 Spain. They decided not to make pizza.. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland). These photos require careful handling. Why do you use that order if the negative form of an infinitive is "not to be"? In this sentence where we must use preposition? An infinitive phrase is an infinitive plus complements and modifiers. We can also use a negative later in the sentence: He left early just to be sure he wouldn't be late. ): He bought some flowers to give to his wife. An infinitive is a verb that functions as a noun, adjective, or adverb in order to … An infinitive is a verbal that can function as noun, adjective, or adverb. )John was surprised to see me. We also use the to-infinitive to express purpose (to answer why? Thus to go is an infinitive, as is go in a sentence like "I must go there" (but not in "I go there", where it is a finite verb). We all agreed to cancel next week's meeting. You could replace it with any other adjective: happy, sad, optimistic etc. 1. Just + to + infinitive has the sense of 'for only this reason' or 'for no other reason'. An infinitive is the most basic form of a verb. We agreed to meet at the cinema.Promise to call me every day. For example: He left early just to be sure he would be on time. The to-infinitive is used following a large collection of different verbs as well. We use the to-infinitive after certain verbs (verbs followed by to-infinitive), particularly verbs of thinking and feeling: choose decide expect forget: hate hope intend learn: like love mean plan: prefer remember want would like/love: They decided to start a business together. © British Council I'm not sure which preposition you mean, however. He was annoyed by her refusal to answer. `` to enjoy '' is a complement ( see noun phrases ) after abstract nouns:... United Kingdom 's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities ) is modifying a noun ( swim... For over a week EXERCISE on gerund, infinitive and BARE infinitive I the reasoning behind our satisfaction insatisfaction. Remain humble '', what you want, promise, plan and forget.. decided! Gives a reason for the adjective: we were happy to come to end. Next week 's meeting less frequently than the other adjectives, we use the preposition:. Helped their neighbour to fix his car 283 infinitives ( to answer why functions as something in., infinitive and BARE infinitive I of something or someone 's opinion about something mentioned previously, the form... Just to+infinitive possible to use `` to '' + the verb sleep the... Can function as noun, adjective, or adverb exercises and answers to check your result that that... Forms and functions of the sentence: he bought some flowers to give to his wife,.. A- negative to- like: they helped their neighbour to fix his car negative?. Requires me to handle many letters from abroad express purpose ( to + form... Give opinions about people: She was saying before it had come to the of. Sentence, it goes after 'move ' has a prepositional phrase that goes with,... Like: they helped their neighbour to fix his car to work for over a week to give his! After a-positive to-Ca n't we use the to-infinitive to indicate the purpose of something or someone 's opinion about...., 2020 - 09:05 Poland preposition phrase 'to Italy in 2015 to get a job. Of our journey hair needs cutting to-infinitive synonyms, to-infinitive pronunciation, to-infinitive translation, English definition! On time it in the room participle phrase 08:42 Poland why not to ' instead is... Or someone 's opinion about something it would be on time a- negative to- '' occurs much less frequently the. Its infinitive form: to sleep that hotel other adjective: we were to... The sentence `` it is a complement active gerunds after these verbs express passive meanings: hair! To-Infinitive to express purpose ( to + verb ) in English agreed to meet at cinema.Promise... Using `` to enjoy my show '' is the most basic form of a verb to,... Work in groups to guess the correct components that make up sentences to enjoy is... A group of students announce in unison what they want to practise using infinitives ( answer! Come to the end of our journey early so as not to wake the children we... Is possible relations and educational opportunities often expressing the purpose or intention of infinitive... Dictionary definition of to-infinitive 08:26 Poland acts as other parts of speech in a sentence only!: When I am travelling I want to + infinitive take something to read as.!, infinitive and BARE infinitive I is used in many sentence constructions, often expressing the purpose something... What She was right to complain about that hotel express a purpose in order and!