At that time you can pick up anything you missed, open the second Challenge Tomb, near the Survivors' Camp, and go after the last few items. Opening it gives you the usual 1200 XP and 250 salvage points, plus the Shipwreck Beach Relic Map, which reveals the relic … Then go through the doorway into a room containing a relic (4/6), a Toy Train from the Family Outing set. Nova Magnus. It's a reference to the crab in the "Turning Point" trailer, which fans on the Eidos Tomb Raider Forums named FeeFee. (screenshots), In the little room to the southeast there's a relic (2/6), a Stuffed Bunny from the Family Outing set. The screenshots also show the second float. This walkthrough only describes one. Most of the trophies are easy to earn but there are a few missable trophies, especially the Chatterbox trophy, which can be missed early on in the game. May 15 @ 10:37am What happens after you finish the game? There's another salvage crate near the ancient truck and a cairn (2/5) for the Challenge on the large boulder nearby. Iklan Tengah Artikel 1. Turn left (south) and head toward the pier and the wrecked galleon off in the distance. Then turn around and jump from the raft onto the ledge to the left of the doorway you just came from. It's marked with white graffiti and and has a reinforced door with a coil of wire wrapped around it. Stand near the anchor post and fire a rope arrow into the climbing wall on the cliff ahead. A route to obtaining every collectible as early as possible. 7/7/13 - Updated weapon parts info with help from Jerad Z. Copyright © 2013-var curDate=new Date(); document.write(curDate.getFullYear()) Stellalune ( (screenshots), OBJECTIVE: Return to Jonah with the Block and Tackle, Use the fallen mast as a bridge to reach the section of the ship below. NOTE: There are various ways to climb up and down the tower. This one is a sad little note from Jonah, titled "Jonah: Recognizing the Truth," which is part of the Endurance Crew series. Finding this third rifle part will enable you to upgrade the Assault Rifle to the COMMANDO RIFLE at the next camp. You'll need to raise that big electric plug out of the water in order to cross safely. Go around to the right behind the large rock to find a salvage crate. A locations guide to the Relic Locations for the Shipwreck Beach Zone in Tomb Raider. Be sure to talk to all of them until the Interact icon no longer appears above each of their heads. Before she goes, Jonah gives her a bow he found. Go out the same way you came in and cross the alley to the wooden door opposite. Either gives you a nice XP bonus. All regions of the island feature at least a Tomb Raider Camp (aside from two particular sections), and the next part of the guide provides detailed maps revealing their locations. The next mine (4/10) for the Mine Sweeper Challenge is just a short way down the beach to the east. Gear you acquire and events that occur later in the game will enable you to explore further. You’ll need to bring shotgun ammo with you. The game has a very easy, albeit a somewhat time consuming platinum. Tomb Raider. Afterward, you receive 400 XP and a new goal. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. var postemail8809='' Iklan Tengah Artikel 2. As you approach, a cut scene begins. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Tomb Raider > Guides > Dark Angel's Guides. (screenshots). There are other pickups farther down the beach, but leave them for now and return to the campsite to meet Jonah. When she hits the deck you receive 100 XP for making it out to the ship and a mission update. After dropping off the zip line into the shallow water, wade ashore and pick up a GPS cache (3/15) lying near the large anchor partially buried in the sand off to the left, just below the buildings. Post Comment. Climb back down the ladder to the deck. (screenshots), For now, look to the east to spot another mine (5/10) that you can explode for the Challenge. Tomb Raider Cairn Raider Challenge objective: Find and loot five Cairns on the Shipwreck Beach. 72 ratings. Go past the ruined building with the blue tarp roof and into the next building on the left to find a document (1/4), "Reyes: About Lara," part of the Endurance Officers series. Enter the room beyond, but avoid the water; it's electrified. Just stand close and press the Melee button to give it a shove. Pull up and continue forward. Tomb Raider Shipwreck Beach Northwest Area. Relics are physical items found throughout Yamatai, with each item being part of a group. I'd like to do my fisrt playthrough without worrying too much about collectibles, however, I don't want to start over from zero on my second playthrough. Shadow of the Tomb Raider has 378 Collectible Locations. Climb the wooden stairs into the ruined building near the shoreline. (screenshots), Continue along the pier, jumping across the gaps above the choppy waters, until you reach the cement structure with the crane on top. Camps: Survivors' Camp (Fast Travel Camp), Flooded Vault (Day Camp)* You will return to Shipwreck Beach after the next level. THE FLOODED VAULT (Shipwreck Beach) Extra (DLC) TOMB OF THE LOST ADVENTURER (Coastal Forest) Jump off the edge and grab the wooden beam, which swings around toward the wall, becoming the lowest rung in a wooden ladder. Since they're standing so close together, as soon as you kill one of them, the other will see you. But there's no hurry to follow the mission. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot at least once each level. … (screenshot). Follow the path around to the left and climb onto the ledge to find the final cairn (5/5) for the Cairn Raider Challenge. Continue forward past the ladder where you just climbed up. 18. and this thread about TR Easter Eggs, which contains some spoilers. Go around the mast on the right and pry open the salvage trunk. Unless coming from that direction, Lara cannot get to the GPS. Jump back down to the sandy area where you found the last salvage crate and follow the path down to the left (southeast). Return past the entrance, pick up more shotgun shells in the corner, and go into the little room with the plank-and-barbed-wire barrier. Then continue forward and around to the left to find a salvage net hanging from the arched ceiling formed by another wrecked ship. Detailed walkthrough for the TOMB RAIDER video game for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Climb onto the ledge ahead to find another cairn (3/5) to dismantle for the Cairn Raider challenge. The screenshots and videos included here were made using Fraps. STORMGUARD SANCTUM (Summit Forest) 6. 18. One of the challenges found on the Shipwreck Beach are of Tomb Raider, the Cairn Raider challenge basically involves you wandering the beaches looking for Cairns. ... Shipwreck Beach Challenges Cairn Raider - Find the five Cairns on Shipwreck Beach. Once you descend onto the Shipwrecked Beach via that gondola you will find the first mine to the left, near the rockface. Turn around and move straight across the sandy path toward the cliff wall. (screenshot), LEDGES AND GIRDERS BETWEEN THE SHORE AND THE CLIFFS TO THE EAST: When you're ready to move on, climb back onto the pier where you just found the arrows and move to the end, where there's an anchor post. Then exit the room the way you came in. Mind the drop-off ahead, though. (You'll drop down later to get the crate that falls out.) (screenshots). Since you will be facing the Challenge Tomb instead of coming out of it, you'll turn right instead of left to reach the wooden bridge. The Cache is lying to the left of the entrance to an optional tomb (reward: 5 XP). which collectibles are actually useful … For the others, you'll need to look at Shipwreck Beach Part 2. Move around behind the barrier and use your shotgun to destroy it. Return downstairs and use the second console there to open the doors. You receive 400 XP and a new goal. A locations guide to the Cairn Raider Challenge Locations for the Shipwreck Beach Zone in Tomb Raider. Wade through the water to the northern corner of the room. Lara overhears 2 Solarii in the next section of the ship. 8. The game has a very easy, albeit a somewhat time consuming platinum. Reyes tells him he should wait for Lara, but he wants to push on without her. (screenshots). Includes all collectibles, enemies and challenges, plus annotated maps. CLIFFSIDE NORTHEAST OF THE SURVIVORS' CAMP: As Lara lands, 2 lightly armored Solarii move onto the ledge above and directly ahead of her. Shoot it until it explodes (two arrows or bullets should do the trick). Shipwreck Beach has the Worn Wallet, Toy Train, Stuffed Bunny, Stained Jade Head Rest, Shaped Jade Head Rest, and Brown Jade Ink Box If you don't kill them both with silent headshots, they'll call out and a third man will appear in the doorway on the right side of the tower. After dropping off the zip line into the shallow water, wade ashore and pick up a GPS cache (3/15) lying near the large anchor partially buried in the sand off to the left, just below the buildings. Mar 9, 2013 @ 9:54pm Missing a camp: shipwreck beach This is the last collectible I'm missing. If you missed that pickup, you'll use the float to get it later, when you return to this area after visiting the Endurance.) Challenges is a side tasks in game. All rights reserved. for (i=0;i